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A Summer Reading List Built for Little Ones.

Adding playful interactions to story time gets kids excited about reading.

To help parents lay the foundation for literacy, the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), has created the LEGO® DUPLO® Read, Build, Play 2013 Summer Reading List. Featuring rich stories that are proven winners, the list has five books for children 1-3 and five books for children 3-5 (available at your local library).

Combined with the Parent Activity Guide and LEGO DUPLO bricks, this unique list makes it fun for parent and child to read, build, and play along with stories.

Bring play to story time and lessons to life.
Play Stories Build Life Stories.

Play sparks
a child's imagination!
This Read, Build, Play! @ Home toolkit is designed to show you how to combine reading, building and play to help your child develop their early literacy skills. By adding the elements of building and play during your family story sharing time, you can heighten your child's level of engagement while encouraging them to use their creativity, imagination, dexterity and physical, cognitive and emotional strength.
to develop early literacy skills
Plus, reading to your child builds his or her self-esteem, listening skills and memory. It also kindles creativity, teaches positive behaviors and provides quality together time.
to accelerate learning
Adding playful interactions to story time can help smooth the way to early literacy. Adaptable and fun, LEGO® DUPLO® Read & Build sets do just that by inviting young children and their parents to build along with the storyline. Or, grab your child's favorite book and a bucket of DUPLO bricks to build the fun.
Every playtime can
use a good soundtrack
Download "Duplo Jams" Set (.zip)
Written and performed by a preschool dad, DUPLO Jams is a free collection of upbeat and inspirational tunes for your playroom.
Libraries Harness the Power of Play
LEGO® DUPLO® and the Association for Library Services To Children (ALSC) have joined hands to celebrate and support local libraries. In addition to bringing hands-on events to young families across the US, hundreds of libraries have been awarded a special LEGO DUPLO Read! Build! Play! Toolkit in recognition of their amazing work. Chock full of cutting edge, early literacy programming the toolkit combines preschool books with a versatile collection of DUPLO bricks.

The ALSC is dedicated to the constant improvement of library service for children. With 4,000 librarians, literature experts, publishers, and faculty members, the ALSC generates new programming that's at the forefront of our nation's literacy campaigns.
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